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Rely on Us for All Your Industrial Excavations and Cleaning

At Flex, we handle a wide range of excavation services and other industrial utility work. We offer 24-hour service to handle any emergency you might have.

What We Do

Hydro Excavation

We remove and move soil accurately using pressurized water. Then, we use air conveyance or vacuum to transfer the debris to a tank. With this method, we can do excavation work and locate underground utilities without being destructive to the land.


This is a form of hydro excavation that safely exposes utility lines to daylight using a vacuum truck and pressure wand. Compared to older methods, this kind of pipe exposure is safer and cleaner since the equipment temperature and pressure are controlled by the vac truck operator.

Push Camera Services

Our operators conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines, underground pipes, and conduits using a non-articulating camera. We visually assess pipes and pipe walls in drain lines from two inches to eight inches in diameter.

Slurry Management

After efficiently excavating soil with pressurized water, we use an equipment with a vacuum that collects and transfers the accumulated slurry to a tank. This process works even in cold weather conditions when the grounds are more solid.

Vactor Services

We do excavations and trenching by using vacuums and water technology that removes debris to expose utility pipes, sewer pipes, and electrical wiring systems. Instead of using a traditional backhoe, we do a vactor service, which is safe, accurate, and non-damaging.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Reduce bad odors and clogs in the drain system with our cleaning system. This process helps in eliminating pollutants, debris, nutrients, and bacteria into receiving waters.

High-Pressure Jetting

Clean stubborn dirt and grime in pipe systems such as drains and sewers. This is a powerful cleaning solution that is also referred to as hydro jetting or high-pressure pipe cleaning.

Manhole and Vault Cleaning

We clean debris from sanitary and storm sewer manholes safely.

Lift Station Cleaning

Keep your stations unclogged and ready for use. With our jet vac cleaner and vacuum truck, we effectively remove any accumulated waste in the space. It is recommended that commercial lift stations undergo a cleaning at least once a year.

Let Us Help You Handle Your Excavations

You can trust our team to keep your job site efficiently cleaned and excavated. Reach out to our team today for more information about our offers.

Other Services

  • Injection Pits
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Underground Camera Services